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West Excerpt


===  starters  ===

1. Soup of the Day — 6
Made fresh daily and served with garlic bread

2. Garlic Bread & Cheese — 9
Ciabatta bun brushed with garlic butter and loaded with cheese

3. Crispy Chicken Wings — 12
Crispy  wings served with cruidite & dip. Wing Sauce: Honey Garlic, BBQ, Hot, Medium, Mild, Sweet Chili, Dry Cajun, Lemon Pepper

4. Bruschetta — 11
A medley of diced tomatoes, red onions, garlic, basil and oregano topped with feta & cheddar cheese

5. Chipotle Perogies — 11
Perogies tossed in chipotle mango butter. Served with sour cream

6. Spinach & Artichoke Dip + Pita — 11
Homemade dip with artichoke hearts, spinach, three cheese & peppers. Served with pita points

7. Fried Calamari — 11
Handcut, lightly breaded and deep fried calamari, served with lemon pepper aoili dip

8. Fresh Cut Fries — s5 / 7
ADD Gravy ... 1.50

*Poutine - heaps of cheese with gravy sauce - s8 / 10

9. Garden Salad — s7 / 9
Romaine lettuce, mixed greens, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. Dressing: Ranch, Italian, French, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette

10. Caesar Salad — s8 / 10
Romaine lettuce, garlic & butter croutons, parmesan cheese & bacon bits. Renee's Caesar dressing

11. Greek Salad — s8 / 10
Romaine lettuce, mixed greens, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes, red onions, black olives, feta cheese and Greek dressing

12. Ginger Chicken Salad — 15
Romaine lettuce, mixed greens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, red onions, mandarin oranges, wonton sticks and topped with grilled chicken breast. Asian Vinaigrette dressing



=== Grinders' Sandwich & Burger ===


Served w/ cut fries, or Soup or Salad

*Upgrade Caesar Salad, Greek Salad or Onion Rings +2.95

1. Wild Clubhouse — 13
Thick cuts of roasted turkey breast, wild lettuce & tomatoes and real cheddar. **CLUBHOUSE WRAP +1.00

2. Crunchy Wrap — 13
Crispy chicken breast, lettuce, onions, cheese, Ranch sauce & choice of wing sauce. *Add Bacon +1.95

3. Roast Turkey — 11
Cuts of roasted turkey breasts, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo

4. Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla — 17
Grilled tortilla, sautéed diced chicken breast, peppers and onions in Cajun spices, with cheese. Served with salsa and sour cream

5. Angus Burger — 12
Char-boiled Angus patty, lettuce, tomato and onions.  *Add Cheese +1.00 or *Add Bacon +1.95

6. Phat Thai Burger — 15
Char-boiled angus with onions, lettuce, tomato, topped with crispy onion ring and "secret sauce" - cilantro mayo

7. Buffalo Chicken Burger — 14
Seasoned chicken breast breaded, with lettuce, onion and drizzled in blue cheese mayo

8. Philly Cheese Steak — 14
Sauteed think steak slices, mushrooms, onions with cream cheese

=== jovial entree ===


1. Mediterranean Pizza — 15
Grilled chicken breast, spinach, black olives, bruschetta mix, garlic sauce. **Served with Salad, or Soup of the Day!

2. Hot Hamburger — 17
Char-boiled burger x2 with homemade mushroom onion gravy. Served with mashed potatoes and mix veggies.  *ONE PATTY - 15

3. Pork Marsala — 19
Panfried seasoned tender pork cutlets with mushroom marsala sauce. Served over buttery parmesan noodles.

4. Lemon Pepper Shrimp Linguine — 19
Lemon pepper shrimps infused with carrots, mushrooms, peppers, diced tomatoes in creamy sauce. Served with garlic toast

5. Chicken Parmigiana — 19
Bread-dusted chicken breast topped with marinara sauce. Served with pesto linguine and garlic bread 

6. Peppercorn Beef Linguine — 19
Sautéed beef sirloin, onions, mix peppers and mushrooms in creamy peppercorn sauce.  Served over butter noodles with garlic toast 

7A. Chicken Pot Pie — 9
Flaky pastry shell filled with slow-cooked chicken in gravy with onions, carrots and celery. *ADD Salad, or Soup or Fries +3.95

7B. Steak & Mushroom Pie — 9
Flaky pastry shell stuffed with slow-cooked beef briskets, onions, carrots and celery. *ADD Salad, or Soup or Fries +3.95


Come Thai It! East Excerpt



1. Tom Yum Soup — 8/11
Shrimps & squids in a spicy broth with mushrooms, red peppers, lemon grass and Thai basil.

2. Golden Soup — 8/10
Chicken breast in lemon grass & galangal broth finished with coconut milk

3. Won Ton Soup — 8/11
Pork & shrimp dumplings served with bok choy in chicken broth.

4. Fresh Mango Salad — 10
Fresh shredded mango & carrots, red onions tossed in Thai chilli dressing and cashew nuts.

5. Fresh Rolls — 8
Vermicelli, julienne carrots, cucumber, basil, and cilantro served with Thai dipping sauce. *ADD Chicken or Shrimps +1.95

6. Spring Rolls — 8
Crispy rolls filled with bean sprouts, onions, carrots, cabbage, served with Thai dip-sauce. *REGULAR (w/ Pork meat) 8.95

7. Shrimp Rolls — 11
Large marinated shrimps wrapped in crispy rolls. Served with fresh slaw and sweet Thai sauce.

8. House Noodles Soup — 8/10
Homemade noodles with shredded chicken breast, bean sprouts, and garnishes.

9. BBQ Pork Soup — 10/13
BBQ pork, egg noodles, baby bok choy, bean sprout, and garnishes.

10. Thai Style Wings — 12
Marinated wings, seasoning, lightly breaded and fried golden brown. Served with Thai chilli sauce.

11. Chicken Satay — 12
Marinated strips of skewer beef, grilled vegs accompanied with peanut & house sauce. *BEEF SATAY - 13

12. Pun Seen (Chicken) — 13
[LETTUCE WRAPS] Sauteed mix vegs with choice of meats. Served with crispy lettuce and house sauce. Carb free! Gluten free!! *(Beef Wrap) - 15

13. Gluten-free Spring Rolls — 12
Crispy rolls filled with ground pork, bean sprouts, shredded carrots, cabbage, and onions.  Served with lettuce wraps, vegs, and Thai sauces.

14. 5-Spice Seafood — 14
Crispy calamari & shrimps stirfry with garlic, salt & pepper, and 5 spices. Served with fresh slaw.

15. Royal Soup — 10/13
Spicy chicken curry broth with coconut milk, cilantro, chiffon of cabbage, bean sprouts and fresh mints.




All Noodle Dish Are Vegetarian — 12

*Add CHICKEN or BBQ PORK +3.95

BEEF +4.95, SHRIMPS or SEAFOOD +6.95


1. Pad Thai
Rice noodles stir fry with eggs, bean sprout, peppers, and mixed with garnishes. Served with crush peanuts & lime wedge

2. Royal Pad Thai
Pad Thai with a TWIST! Tossed in home-made peanut sauce, garnished with crush peanuts and lime wedge.

3. Pad Ki-Mao
[DRUNKEN NOODLE] Thick fresh noodles stir fry with eggs, onions, carrots, mix peppers, eggplants, celery and Thai basil.

4. Glass Palace Noodle
Ginger, onions, red peppers, cabbage sauteed with garlic, house sauce and glass noodles. Garnished with bean sprouts

5. Pad Me-Lung
[STIR FRY NOODLE] Egg noodles top with carrots, mushroom, broccolis, stir-fry in garlic and pepper sauce. *SUBSTITUTE Crispy Noodles +2

6. Pad Radna
Fresh thick noodle stir-fry in thick garlic sauce with eggs, meats, onions, carrots, and Chinese broccoli. 

*7-A. **Vermicelli Noodle***
Vermicelli with bed of lettuce, bean sprouts, cucumber, fresh herbs, julienne carrots and crush peanuts.  Served with Spring Rolls and house sauce.  *7-B. ADD Chicken +2  *7-C. ADD Beef +3  *7-D. ADD Shrimps +4


(*) a change in price





All Stir Fry & Curry Dish Are Vegetarian — 12

*Add CHICKEN or BBQ PORK +3.95

BEEF +4.95, SHRIMPS or SEAFOOD +6.95


1. Khao Pad
[KHAO PAD] Rice tossed in eggs, garlic, fresh pineapple and onions.

2. Coconut Lime Stirfry
Eggplants, long-beans, onions, kaffir lime leaves stirred in coconut milk and chilli sauce. Served with jasmine rice.

3. Cashew Stirfry
Sugar snap peas, onions, celery, and mixed peppers garnished with cashew. Accompanied with jasmine rice. 

*4. General Thai Stirfry — 16
Crispy pork meats, pineapple, mixed peppers, onions, carrots in sweet & spicy sauce. Served with jasmine rice.  *SUBSTITUTE Beef or Chicken +1

*5. Sweet-Sour Ginger Fish — 18
Filets of Sole fish lightly breaded and pan fried, topped with sweet-sour, tomato & ginger compote. Served with jasmine rice




6. Yellow Curry
Thai yellow curry paste, coconut milk, onions, potatoes and carrots.

7. Red Curry
Thick red curry with mushrooms, mixed peppers, green beans, and fresh basil.

8. Green Curry
House green curry paste with coconut milk, eggplants, green beans, mixed peppers and fresh basil.



1. Thai Elephant Ears — 6.95
Caramel, coconut milk or strawberries. Served w/ coolio & whipped cream.

2. Lucky Elephant Ears — 8.95
Garnished and topped with whipped cream & ice-cream.

3. Lemon Meringue Pie — 4.95
Sweet delight, light pie

4. Strawberry Rubarb Pie — 4.95
Topped with coolio & whipped cream

5. Pecan Pie & Ice Cream— 5.95
Pecan crust, chocolate sauce & whipped cream

Licensed Drinks

Domestic Beer — 5
Tiger Thai Beer — 7
Saporo Tall — 9

House Wine (White/Red) — 8
Pino Grigio White — 10
Spirit Mix Drinks — 7

A classic staple with Sirracha sauce. Topped with grilled shrimps, spring rolls, shrimp rolls and chicken wings - drizzled with sweet chilli sauce.

Sensible Specials

== MONDAY ==

Classic great recipe with today's special price. Should we make it a weekly routine?



Tired out to cook today?  How about calling us and take an extra 10% off your pick up orders ($25+)



Call us corny... we like romance too! Share appetizer + two entrees + dessert (purchase of drinks)


== FRIDAY ==

Hand breaded Haddock fish with fresh cut fries, coleslaw & tartar sauce.

Tacos de Pezcado. Sauteed onions, mixed peppers in corn tortillas topped with pico de Galio. Served with Garden Salad.